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What kind of school is Toronto Berkshire Academy? Is it accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education? Can students apply to universities in Canada after completing their high school requirements?

Toronto Berkshire Academy was founded under the approval of the Ontario Ministry of Education by registration under the BSID number 668674 which allows the school to operate and offer Ontario high school courses, university preparation courses and college preparation courses. All of the students from Toronto Berkshire Academy will obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) after completing 30 credits and can apply to any Canadian or United States university and college.

Where can I find information on Toronto Berkshire Academy?

The official website of Toronto Berkshire Academy is http://www.edubci.com. Students and parents can also come to the school located in Toronto, Ontario. The address is 3550 Victoria Park Ave, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M2H 2N5.

What are the requirements for attending Toronto Berkshire Academy? Do students need to take IELTS? What is the assessment method?

Before students are admitted into Toronto Berkshire Academy, they need to go through an online interview conducted by one of our teachers. During the interview, they will be assessed on their listening (their ability to comprehend the English language) and speaking (how well they answer the question). International student who are planning to attend a secondary school in Ontario needs to take IELTS in order to apply for Ontario universities and colleges. Admission into Ontario universities require an IELTS score of 6.0 or above.

Can domestic students apply to Toronto Berkshire Academy?

Toronto Berkshire Academy welcomes all students.

Where is Toronto Berkshire Academy? How do students get to the school? Does the school arrange for pick-up?

Toronto Berkshire Academy is located in Toronto Ontario. The address of the school is 3550 Victoria Park Ave, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M2H 2N5. We arrange for our students homes that are within walking distance to the school. In the colder weather, students can take the bus to school where there is a bus stop conveniently located beside the school. International students can book a direct flight from their home country to Toronto Pearson International Airport where they can request for a pick-up from one of our staff members at our school.

Is it convenient to travel around Toronto Berkshire Academy? What kinds of field trips are offered at the school?

Public transportation is extremely accessible in Toronto. Students can get to any destination by public transportation. Toronto Berkshire Academy is located on Victoria Park and McNicoll Avenue and is 5 minutes away from the bus stop. The school offers field trips that are educational but also enjoyable for everyone.

What kind of living accommodations do the school provide for the students?

The school provides the students with a home stay family. Staff from the school will personally visit the home to make sure the house is in a safe condition for the students to live in.

How does the school ensure the safety of the students?

Canada is a very safe country. Toronto Berkshire Academy takes various measures to ensure the student's safety. The school has surveillance cameras located all around which allows us to be aware of who is going in and out. Toronto Berkshire Academy also stays in touch with the home-stay families to make sure students feel safe and comfortable outside of school.

How do the courses that students have already taken in China transfer to Toronto Berkshire Academy?

According to the Ontario Schools: Kindergarten to Grade 12 Policy and Program Requirements, students who wish to transfer from a school outside of Ontario will be assessed by the Principal of the receiving school who will determine the total credit equivalency of the student's previous learning and the number of compulsory and optional credits still to be earned. The school will fill in a PLAR assessment form after we evaluate the skills and knowledge outlined in the provincial curriculum policy in order to earn credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

What makes Toronto Berkshire Academy different from other schools?

Toronto Berkshire Academy classes are smaller than average with less than 10 students in every class, allowing more one-on-one time between the teacher and student. We implement a strict language learning goal, ensuring that students graduate on time and apply to their ideal university in Canada.

What are the advantages of graduating from Toronto Berkshire Academy and applying to universities in comparison to finishing high school in China?

Students who apply to Ontario universities from China are considered as international students while graduates from Toronto Berkshire Academy will be considered as an Ontario student. When the students apply to universities, they will apply through the same method as local students. This means the chances of getting accepted into the universities will be higher.

Can students who already graduated high school in China apply to Toronto Berkshire Academy?

Students who have already graduated high school in China can apply to Toronto Berkshire Academy, starting their Ontario studies from Grade 12.

How many semesters does Toronto Berkshire Academy have in a year? What is the deadline to register for the school in each semester?

Toronto Berkshire Academy offers 4 semesters from September to June and 2 semesters in July and August. Each semester runs for two and a half months with three periods per day, allowing students to achieve a maximum of 14 credits in one year. Students who wish to attend Toronto Berkshire Academy must register prior to the beginning of each new semester.

What is the daily schedule for the students? Do you offer after-school tutoring for the students?

Toronto Berkshire Academy offers three periods every day with various courses for students to enrol in. Each period is two hours and forty minutes with a ten minute break. Students get a 40 minute lunch break. School is finished at 6PM and after 6PM we offer after-school tutoring for a different subject every day (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Business, etc.). On Fridays we also offer dance class for those who are interested in hip-hop or K-pop.

What courses do you offer at Toronto Berkshire Academy?

Toronto Berkshire Academy offers all courses listed on the Ontario Ministry of Education website.

Will Toronto Berkshire Academy help the students apply to universities and colleges?

Toronto Berkshire Academy will provide assistant to students who are applying to universities and colleges in Canada.

Which universities did recent graduates of Toronto Berkshire Academy enroll in? How high is the success rate for university admission for past students at Toronto Berkshire Academy?

Many of the students at Toronto Berkshire Academy apply to the University of Toronto and other prestigious universities located around Ontario, including Waterloo University, Ryerson University, Queens University, etc. In the most recent years, 85% of Toronto Berkshire Academy's graduates received offers from the University of Toronto.

How does the course that students have already read in China go to Berkshire senior college?

Students at Berkshire's courses and credits completed high school, and at the same time to participate in the Ontario English and ielts test, and finish school for 40 hours of volunteer activities, you can get the Ontario high school diploma (OSSD), students relying on credit scores and language to apply for the university of Canada.

Can students who finish Grade 11 in China apply to Toronto Berkshire Academy for Grade 12?If the student's English level is not up to standard, what ways can the school help the student improve their English?

Students who finish Grade 11 in China can apply for Grade 12 at Toronto Berkshire Academy. Students must provide their latest transcript from their school to determine what grade the student will be assigned in. If the student's English level is not up to standard, Toronto Berkshire Academy offers intensive after-school tutoring programs for those who need additional help in English.

After graduating from Toronto Berkshire Academy, can students apply to universities outside of Canada?

Students who graduate from Toronto Berkshire Academy will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and apply to any universities in Canada and outside of Canada. Students can take SAT or ACT if they wish to study in the United States.