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Considering students’various requirements, the school provides accommodation information. Designated staff are responsible for making relevant arrangement related with homestay which is always carefully chosen after receiving homestay application forms completed in detail. Our staff also visit homestay families to be familiar with housing and family conditions so that students can live in comfortable rooms and with hospitable families.

Medical insurance coverage

The school provides medical insurance coverage for students to ensure their health and safety. Please contact the school for more details.

Airport pickup  and Visa assistance

As long as the student’s flight number and time of arrival are provided to the school’s student services department within one week’s notice, we can arrange for airport pickup. During their study period if students have visas that are approaching expiry, dedicated staff will assist students in obtaining a visa extension or a multiple re-entry visa.

Extracurricular Activities

Toronto Berkshire Academic has a vibrant and outgoing team of staff who always plan extracurricular activities and excursions for students each semester--for example, the university fair, university campus tours, outdoor trips and barbecues, and major attractions such as the Toronto Zoo and Niagara Falls. These outings not only make life outside of school more interesting for students, but also help them to broaden their horizons.


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