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Application process

Programs start in September, November, Feburary, April. The application process is as follows for students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 and those having graduated from high school:

Step 1: Submit application documents

application form and application fee ($100)


photocopy of diploma from middle school or high school; photocopy of any diploma indicating the highest educational level students have received

test reports of IELTS or TOEFL (a placement test is a must if students have attended neither of these language tests.)

six passport photos (used for students’ files)

Step 2: Evaluate and conduct an on-line interview

evaluate students’ scores

determine the credit transfer

conduct on-line interview

Step 3: Deliver admission notification

deliver admission letters and payment notification

mail out the formal admission letter and payment receipt after full charge is paid

Step 4:Apply for visa

pay for visa application service

Step 5: Get ready for arrival in Canada

Students book the air ticket and inform the school of detailed flight information after they receive the visa

Ticket booking and pick-up service from the airport are both available with charge

The school can help students find homestay.